General Fabrication

We have solid experience in the production of both fixed and mobile access solutions; selecting appropriate, safe material and specification for individual uses.

Products include:

- doors of all configurations, in galvanaised or stainless, for internal and external access, garages, etc. We also provide many protective panels for non-metal doors.

- fixed stairways and fire escapes.

- mobile (wheeled) steps, typically in aluminium for ease of movement.

- small-scale footbridges, platforms and walkways.

Naturally, each of these can also be painted, galvanised or powder coated to suit the particular application. 

Bespoke containers and enclosures are a growing part of our business, as storage and containment space becomes ever more valuable. In particular, we have developed an expertise in louvred products, wherever a good air flow is required. We also manufacture many small structures, e.g. smoking shelters, bicycle shelters and small storage buildings. 

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