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Sheet metal cut with total precision

Our sister company, HBH Laser, utilises state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to produce components that would otherwise require CNC machining, or may not have been possible without costly outsourcing. In terms of design options and savings in both time and cost, this delivers major advantages to clients. 

Thanks to our close working relationship with HBH Lasers, H. B. Humphries is a truly cost effective 'one-stop shop' for an increasingly wide and complex range of products.

HBH Laser's precision cutting service offers the following key benefits:

- Cutting from 1500 x 3000mm sized sheets of 15mm mild steel, 15mm stainless steel, and 8mm aluminium. 

- Producing quantities from one-off samples to full batch runs, with no tooling required. 

- The consistency of finish required for repeat parts.

- A super-clean finish to edges.

- The ability to cut holes to almost any shapes. 

- Elimination of forces exerted onto the metal by machine contact. 


For more information, please click visit the HBH Laser website.

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